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What's the haps at Flight Options

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My Glock is bigger!!!!!
Nov 25, 2001
Are the still hiring or interviewing at all? What seems to be the min's for getting the call. I gave a resume a to a Options pilot and still haven't heard anything. Just wondering if anybody could shed some light on the subject. Thanks.

Need at least 2000 hrs, and someone you know there has to walk it in to move your resume from the 7000# stack to the smaller 2000# recommended stack.

Good luck!-I'm trying too!!!

Well there is a little bit more to it then a magic number of hours. Last I heard from the pilot recruiter they are looking at people who have greater than 3000 hours TT, corporate experience, PIC jet time, corporate aircraft type ratings, and have a recommendation from a pilot at Flight Options that has flown with you.

From what I understand all new hires are being put into the King Air's.

The trick is to have the Options pilot providing you with a recommendation jump up and down, scream and yell on your behalf.

Good luck, I have been at Options for 2 years now and have been very happy!

I am meeting them for dinner on the 7th at the FLL job fair. I'll ask RW about the real deal.
If you see Eric Gerhard, tell him I'm sorry I broke his voice mail with all of those messages.........and tell him I found a job. (phew!)
The website has been down for a few days. Its been shut down before by the Administrator for bad language so this may be this case again this time

However I wouldnt rule out a court order as there was a lot of slanderous posting by some individuals
I will be seeing ER at the job fair and should know the skinny on hiring, slots, etc

If I see Publisher there I will also give him an Atomic Wedgy

Ha Ha

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