What's the going rate on mileage?


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Nov 26, 2001
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I was just curious what the going rate on mileage was. I heard one person tell me it was .32/mile. What do you guys/gals think?

Also, one of the planes that we fly is based out of PWK (north of Chicago), which is a little farther from home than my normal drive to DPA, which is our "home base". If I am dispatched on a trip where I would have to drive from home to PWK (55miles) to pick up the plane to start the trip, should I expect to be paid round trip mileage? ie. 55 miles from home to PWK, and another 55 for the trip back home for a total of 110 miles. OR, is it the norm to pay only one way? OR, is it the difference between the miles I would drive to work normally at DPA and the distance to PWK?

Just curious. I put the round trip mileage on my expense sheet, but was wondering what everyone else thought. I'd like your opinions so I know if I should argue it if they pay me any less than the round trip I filled out.


Nov 26, 2001
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According to Government Executive's website (http://www.govexec.com), here are the current mileage per diem rates:

Mileage Reimbursement

Effective Jan. 21, 2002

Privately Owned Reimbursement Rate
Automobile 36.5 cents/mile
Motorcycle 28.0 cents/mile
Airplane 97.5 cents/mile

However, I'd check your company's reimburnsement policy. I know my company sets their own rate (substantially lower), regardless of current government or DoD rates.

Also, I would think if you're required to drive TO your aircraft, then you must be driving FROM it as well and round trip mileage would apply. Again, I'm sure your company has a policy regarding this.