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What's the draw at EJA?

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Well-known member
Nov 30, 2001
OK, so I've been away from the website for a while, but I've noticed a marked attraction towards EJA. Not only based on the different type of work from airlines, but also a preference above the other fractionals. Besides the fact that they are the largest and fastest growing frac, what's all the love about? I've compared the updated info on fracstats.com and nothing jumps out at me saying "this is the place to be." Also, what's expected in this upcoming super contract I've heard about? Some say it will be heads above the other fracs, and I've even heard someone say it will be on par with airline pay, whatever that means. So what gives? There are pilots on this website who don't even work for the company and swear it's their ultimate career goal to work for EJA. I'm a Marine, so please keep the replies simple. Thanks all.
"Largest and fastest growing" and leader in the field suggests some measure of job security and a future with quick upgrades. Also suggests long term stability and survival. The type of flying for fractionals is very attractive, random destinations, semi-scheduled. 7 days on 7 days off schedule to me is semi-retirement.

Brand new state of the art equipment.

EJA has a union. I've been on both sides of this equation and the net opinion is that while the union and the company fight things out perhaps I'll be left alone to just do my job. This is just a general comment on unions. Relations at EJA appear to be very good. Don't know nothing but rumours reference the new contract (what's going on there?) but it's expected to be good.

All pilots and others at EJA I've talked to are very very positive on the company. Claim they're treated very well and everybody loves it, sounds like a great place to work. At the interview an EJA captain told a story of the phone ringing in flight; dispatch calling to give suggestions on how to negotitate some real nasty weather up ahead.

Warren Buffet owns the company.

What's not to like? I start May 6

The reason I love working for EJA is how I am treated by the company and about 1,000 other reasons. I have worked for the largest regional airline then went to a larger airline in my career and was always treated like a liability. Here at EJA I am treated like an asset for the first time in my career.

Add the fact we are part of the Hathaway family; I feel relatively secure in my job which is rare, especially during these times. Also, over my career I will have the opportunity to fly about 8 different types of aircraft and if I want I will be able to hold the 737 one of these days, if I so chose. Plus while flying with EJA I don't have to fly to LGA 3-times a day over and over. It's never uninteresting - I get to see some amazing places that I would never see flying for the airlines.

Just my 2 cents on EJA

Happy Flying

I work for EJA and have completed most of the training but haven't seen what it's like on the line. The company seems top notch, the pay is kind of pathetic, but we all have high hopes for the new contract. With safety being the first concren there will never be that pressure which I've seen in the past to push the legal limit. If you are the kind of person that likes to know your scheduled overnights and legs planned in advance this is not for you. If you can handle changing destinations enroute and not pulling up to a jetway, go for it. The company has many perks including great benifits and from what I hear good crew food. Upgrade is pretty much whenever you want it on the smaller planes and at most a year on some of the larger equipment. excluding the DA-2000 and B-737.

So what is the real draw? EJA is hiring more pilots than almost anyone (500-700 in 2002 alone). We are taking delivery of 1 new plane every 6 or 7 days and there doesn't seem to be an end to that for several years. This place is the up and comming of commercial aviation and time will tell if pay makes it the end all be all.

I am retired USMC and work for EJA. On the XL and enjoy it and the company. As an FO in the XL, one does not fly too much because there are too many Cpt's to FO's currently. The company is in the process of correcting this, but you can only upgrade so many FO's to PIC's do to the number of sim slots available. I am optimistic about the contract, but then I am a person who usually will see the glass 1/2 full vice 1/2 empty. Only time will tell for sure. I see by the aircraft flown you are a SAR bubba. I was too. Flew Torii559, 558, Pedro28,30,51 out of RJOI. I assume this is where you were? Take care and feel free to send me a private email.
Semper Fi,
I leave for Hawker school on March 13th and from what I have seen in the little time I've been around the company is very simple, It's about the people. The people who work for them, the people they fly and the people who deal with them on a daily basis. The company is very TEAM oriented and believe in team work.

I chose this company over several airline and other fractional job offers. The company has a great history and a better future. The choice was simple.

Hey Sammy,

I was at RJOI '88 - '91, How 'bout you?

Flew those Foxtrot C-12s when they were new!

I was there 92-95. Skull was the HHS CO, Fatback was the OpsO. Walt Driver was the XO for awhile.
Semper Fi Sammy
Is there seat swapping at eja for dead/live legs? I take it you don't get typed right away either? thanks
Seat swapping?

EJA likes to tell their customers of the superior qualifications, training, and experience of their flight crews. To this end you are typed and qualified as captain right from the start. Upgrades in some planes are very quick.


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