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What's the Air Equivalent of a Corvette?

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Andy Neill

Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
For those of you who remember the TV series "Route 66" where Martin Milner and George Maharis plied that venerable route in the current year model Corvette and encountered heartland America, what would the guys be flying if they were to be bumming around in a twin engine recip? Single engine? Light jet?
Single/twin turbo-prop? Would it be important to make it a two-seater to keep the parallelism?

In other words, "The Ford Taurus is to the C-172 as a Corvette is to _____________."
A Turbine Glassair or Lancair. Possibly a fighter jet.
Lancair IV-P turbine, or maybe an l-39 or this new "Javalin" coming out.
Viper (Not Dodge)

That's an easy one....F-16 is the vette of the sky! Sexy :D
OK...Flame away!
I agree with all the answers except for the F-16. Remember, these are CIVILIANS motoring around the country together. I don't want to throw a wet blanket on creativity, but I want to keep a degree of realism/feasibility here.
My vote.. the ViperJet

I hang out in Pasco, WA for a few hours on one of my companies cargo runs... have been let into the viper hangar to drool on a couple different occasions by the developers... Have seen the plane fly a few times as well... hummina hummina!


"the new aircraft delivers a estimated rate of climb of well over 12,000 ft/min and speeds at altitude closing in on 500mph. And with all of this performance the ViperJet™ MKII has a range of 800/1000nm range."

P.S. Andy.. you still have that extraneous 'I' in your last name.... gotta get that fixed... Philip Nell
Grumman T-Cat/Yankee w/ 150hp conversion and taildrag conversion. There's a reason why it's dubbed the "poor man's fighter".

I owned a 1978 T-Cat with the 150 STC dubbed "Hyper T-Cat". (hence my name).....man I miss that plane.

When I first saw the "Corvette of the sky" question, I figured something hot and sexy. But when you put it in the context of "Route 66" and seeing the country close up with the top down - I immediately thought of the book "The Cannibal Queen" by Stephen Coonts. I think the plane that fits the equation is a classic Stearman.

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