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What's that on trailing edge of the wingtip?

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Flying Illini

Hit me Peter!
Mar 9, 2003
What is the long object that points aft on the trailing edge of the wingtips on 747-200's? Big static wick?
Its all about the Chemgoo
It's the curb feeler

Or is it the HF antenna? I always get those confused.
NO NO NO you guys got is all wrong....They are side thrusters to help turn the beast when its on the ground!..come on everyone knows this!
jeezus...I should have known better than to expect a real answer! :D Since HF antenna is the most serious answer, I'm going to go with that...maybe, if it's confirmed...
HF antennas. Why can't guys give the real answer and then throw in a one-liner, geeeeezzzzzz!

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