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What's new at UPS?

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I'm afraid that you will have to tread water for awhile longer. Last week the company put out a realignment/displacement bid for crews off the 727 and 747.
Upser, any idea when that bid closes?, a freind of mine said one closed a week or so ago .

I'd heard that they would resume classes once they had re assigned the 727 crews that were displaced by aircraft retirement and had a better idea of where the vacancies, if any, were needed.


Beav :D
They just extended the date of the bid closure till the 21st. Only rumor I heard on hiring was if economy picks up then we may hire up to 200 this year. If it doesn't then we won't hire at all.

We will need a lot of people in 2003 it looks like (unless they cancel the upcoming aircraft deliveries.)

We are getting 2 more MD-11's this year

Then 11 Airbus 300's next year
and additional MD-11's.

We are not adequately staffed right now and it will only get worse with retirements and aircraft deliveries

Good Luck to All
I agree with Browntail, If the economy were to pick up we might see some hiring. However in addition to the displacement of 727 crews it looks like they are going to displace 747 crews also. I think we might do a few classes this year but I think not until the 3rd or 4th quarter.

Good luck

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