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Not stop loss again !!
May 9, 2002
Any new rumors on how the hiring is going, or more precisely the interviewing? I received the letter last April saying stand-by, and /or we'll mail ya an update in 6 months. I'm half way there -- will it be interview or update?

Keep em coming!
Hang in there

HercDude, the Netjets interviews continue. I hear they plan to interview
a couple hundred more for 2002, and loads more for 2003. The "polite"
squeaky wheel seems to get the grease here, so I would send in an
updated resume, and a "I'd sure still love to work for you guys" letter,
asap. It seems to have done the trick for a couple of other applicants.

Good luck to you.
:eek: WHAT? Santulli's Gone?? WHEN? HOW??

Tell me it ain't So, Fisch!

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