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What's happening at ERAU?

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Well-known member
Apr 4, 2002
What's going on at ERAU? I hear rumors of a new contract being negotiated. I also hear management is looking to hire off the streets rather than the furloughees. Just rumors? Interesting to see airline issues at a flight school. People at other websites seem plenty ready to cross the union to get a CFI job. What's the real deal?
Don't know the scoop at ERAU, but I do know this:

It would be EXTREMELY UNWISE for anyone seeking future airline employment to scab the instructors at ERAU.

The ERAU instructors are members of The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, which is affiliated with the AFL-CIO. They are one of the most millitent unions out there (second only to the Teamsters) and would have no qualms about putting scabs on the international blackball lists.

It would be sad to see someone ruin their career before it even begins.
Always remember, pilots hire pilots.
Well said Brother Ifly4food

jmac777 good luck on your contract. It's better than what ERAU would have offered you without representation. Flight instructors are like school teachers, these employers can't operate without them, but dam them for not paying you what your're worth.
Get what you can while you can and stay focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Regards 8sm......from one of your friends in the industry a 20+yr IAM member
Picket line

JMAC77 speaks the truth.

At the Lauderdale career fair, ERAU was there and my friend went to see if they would accept a resume. The guy (sorry, I don't have a name) asked him straight out, "Are you willing to cross a picket line?"

Kind of rubs you the wrong way when you get that as the first question out of a potential employer's mouth.

He was hired at FSI and won't be going to Riddle.
Good luck. Keep us posted. Anywhere else we can find news on the contract? Why aren't more flight schools unionized? Did you guys have to find the union or did they find you?
I have no idea...am not affiliated with ERAU...just been hearing about it. jmac might have a better idea. Are you guys negotiating a contract in Prescott? One thing I do know...I wouldn't cross the line.
Is ERAU PRC union?

When I left ERAU at Prescott, it was non-union. My understanding is that the DB campus instructors unionized due to, among many other things, shoddy work and pay rules. I believe the contract issues are at ERAU DB only. I will recommend that potential CFI's avoid crossing the picket line if it comes to that.
I find it interesting that an organization that so closely affliates itself with the airline industry is looking to union busting tactics! Riddles reputation will be severly damaged if they try to scab pilots at an entry level position, and one that sets the tone for a pilot's career.

Also, those pilots that do cross the picket line need to be put at the top of the blacklist, even if it isn't an airline job. That kind of mentality needs to be squashed!


Riddle Grad.

...another thought: How does Riddle expect donations from Alumni when most of those alumni that are pilots, belong to unions? Watch tuition jump again when Riddle has to make up for a loss of income from donations.

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