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Whats going on with ALG pool?

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Nov 29, 2001
I was woundering if anyone has heard what is going on with the ALG pool. I heard that there was a delay in the delivery of aircraft which is delaying the pool. Is this true? Any info would be great.

Check out the 3/13 post by FRDOG. He asked the same question and got some updated info. I just got on line with ALG and don't have the latest info. I heard they are now running an april class. Good luck.

Well, here is the latest. I'm not quite sure what is happening
but the March 18 class that was canceled was reinstated and
started on the 18th. Unfortunately, the class planned for April
has been canceled. There will only be a few upgrades in April -
but no new-hires. They are tentatively planning a small class for
May (attrition). And beyond that - it's a crap shoot. The
original delays were due to getting aircraft online slower than
anticipated, and that is still the case, and classes should
resume once that mess is straightened out. Of course by then the whole RJ thing should be (hopefully) decided and that could
affect any and everything. Hopefully for the good around here,
but who knows. Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologize for the delay but ATC has told us to expect some delays and we're going to have to hold right here for a little while. EFC ??? ...Hang on.
Thanks for the info. Hopefully there would be some firm answers from the company soon. I got my old job back, but who knows whats going to happen with CA.

Keep the blue side up and I'll see you in the system.

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