What's going on at Republic these days?


seat lock
May 22, 2005
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Have you made any progress getting the IBT fiasco resolved?


Benevolent Dictator
Dec 12, 2005
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Not a lot that we know of going on at RAH. For now, our union operates under a trusteeship. No real operational experience with that yet, as pretty much all union resources have been devoted to preparing for a hearing in Houston (on wednesday, I believe) regarding our former President and his cohorts. Luckily the company has been playing by the rules as best I can tell while we are in this state of confusion at our local. Nothing on our message boards seems to indicate that the company is inventing new ways to violate the contract, or even use most of the old ways. CRJ guys continue to get hosed by scheduling when their flights are "downgraded" to a 145, without pay. Displacements from the shrinking fleets seem to be going according to the contract for a change. No news from our CEO since early April, which is somewhat significant considering we ususally get weekly updates. In the past, that has meant something is going on behind closed doors. Rumors are pretty weak lately, with most people either discussing the possibility of more furloughs come September (due to the shrinking CRJ fleet, and planned pull down of the United 145's in December), or the ever present 190 rumors.

All in all, life is quiet here.