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What's going at Express I Airlines?


Dec 6, 2001
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yea and what about the guys they gave class dates too.? looks like stand by to stand by. is there any body at the helm there?


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Nov 27, 2001
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This is the latest I've heard...don't mean much, but it's something for all you guys on the outside looking in...

1. Receiving 2 (44 seat) CRJ a month in 2002.
2. Mesaba is taking 2 Saabs (B models)from us a month for a total of 12.
3. The other 12 (A models) lease expires end of 2nd or 3rd quarter 2002. At that time, we will be all CRJ's.
4. At year end 2001, we had 54 aircraft, they say we will have 52 aircraft (all CRJ's) at year end 2002. Which basically means no growth in 2002.
5. Heard recently that guys that were in training may come back in May 2002.
6. Guys who were hired but had not started training to start in 3rd quarter.
7. Might start to interview in March, but wouldn't expect a class date until at least 3rd quarter.
8. Just heard that we are chaning our name to Pinnacle Airlines and we a changing to blue uniforms to match Big NW and Mesaba? That is a rumor, but I've heard it several times in the last couple days.

Another rumor...once we are all jet airline, Northwest will sell us off. And I heard Mesa and Air Whiskey were looking at buying us.

Hope this helps guys...:)


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Nov 27, 2001
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Just a few days ago somebody said Express 1 is out of business. Now they are recalling? What gives?


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Nov 25, 2001
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Not a Rumor

What you heard about Northwest selling us off is NOT a rumor.
It came straight from Richard Anderson's mouth (NWA CEO). Trenary(EXA CEO) said it in the December Pilot meeting as well.
"His" (Anderson) business philosophy is not to own your regional affiliates. Suppose he is afraid we will choke them like Comair did Delta.

Quote "AWACoff: Just a few days ago somebody said Express 1 is out of business. Now they are recalling? What gives?"

You may have us confused with the other Express One Airlines the 727 freight outfit... not sure if they are out of business or not.
We here at Express Airlines I (NW Airlink) had the last of the furloughees in requal first of December.

I haven't heard the one about the name change....or the uniforms... 2 months ago I did hear a rumor that Brady wanted us to stop using the "chicken" logo since he still owns the rights to it...don't know how true that its...