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What's better?

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You got any tinfoil?
Sep 8, 2005
What's a better service?

PlaneJobs.com @ $59 per year or,

Climbto350.com @ $49 per year.

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts, opinions, or experience with either of the above sites.

c) none of the above.

Try Trade-a-plane instead.

Good luck.
skydan said:
Best is Planejobs.com

for a free site i like skyjobs.net

Well, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'd say planejobs.com isn't very good ( low volume...cr@p jobs ), aviationcarrers.com is a bit better, and climbto350 is probably the best ? Agree about skyjobs.net...price is right but few jobs that aren't "teasers" for the pay sites.

Of course, I'm still unemployed. It can't be about me...must be the poor quality of these friggin' sites.
I've had several interview offers and got my last two jobs from using climbto350 their online resume and one click apply system is great.
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I have obtained employment from 350 before. I maintained a subscription to both the named sites before, but didn't like the system, or the presentation at Planejobs. Climbto350 is far better, I think.

I've kept a subscription to TAP for twenty years.

You never know what will pop up.

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