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Well-known member
May 17, 2004

USAToday says UAL and CAL are merging. It's in the paper so it has to be true. Point is, who's gonna lose a job now due to this development?
I hope it means the elimination of regional jobs and the addition of mainline jobs, but I doubt it.
I think usair will be left standing without a chair. They would need to merge with someone but who wants that mess?
Mesa Sucks!

What name would they use?
Since they used "Ted" now it will be "Uni"
Regional Skywest and Colgan will win. The bottom feeders always win. Lets hope that United and Continental pilots will not sell out but it's very unlikely. Look for 100 seat RJs flying for United under regional partners flown by UA ferloughs.
This is good for United pilots, their careers will go on for a couple more years, sucks for CO pilots, they once saw a chance at retiring, now they can't see that anymore.

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