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Active member
Jan 5, 2002
I'm planning on separating from active duty this fall and I need some serious advice. I don't have an airline job lined up and I'm working on a ANG/AFRES job, but it's not firm. If I decide to stay, I can continue to fly, but may end up incurring more commitment (2-3 years). The "9/11" event did not hinder my decision to get out, but got me thinking twice. I'm serious about making the break, but I need some advice so let's here them! Thanks in advance.
The next few years are going to be rough in the airline industry. US Air is likely to fail and be parsed out, as is Am West. AA, UAL, and DAL will likely slug through. SW will do ok. I wouldn't get out unless you have that ANG job lined up to see you through. Also, it's VERY important that you keep flying and keep current. You become uncompetitive, even as a military guy, if you go noncurrent too long.

Of course, this is the airline business, so if you don't like what it's doing right now, wait a few months.
With the amount of airline guys on the street.....good (key word) aviation jobs will be few and far between.

Unless you got a shot at SWA or UPS, I'd try the guard unit as a priority and if not stay active.

Keep flying............Period. All your time won't mean much with the competition for jobs if your resume gets "stale".
I'm getting out.

You still have a lot of time to find the job before you get out. SWA, jetBlue, UPS, Executive Jet and FedEx(soon) will all still be hiring. As Plato Rhyne has said his number one candidate is ex-military currently flying Part 121.

Good luck,


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