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Dec 21, 2001
Hey guys,

I hope everyone is doing fine, and all partied out after Canada won the gold in hockey yesterday. We're still celebrating here :)

Anyway, I have a question. I am currently in my second year in University in London, Canada. I am in an aviation program. The summer break starts soon, and I have begun looking for work. I have several options, and would like some advice.

First of all, I could stay at home and work here in my city. It would not be aviation-related work, but it would allow me to save money on room and board. ( I could find work for $8-$15/hr) Also, I could fly when I'm not working, and build up my hours over my 4 month summer. I may only get to fly on weekends and Fridays, but it will add up. The bonus of this option is that some students at my school have fallen behind schedule, and may have to make up the hours once they graduate. If I fly over the summer, I'll be able to get ahead of the others. I could also do my night rating and my x/c's.

Another option would be to work at Toronto's Pearson Airport as a refuller, or work with Transport Canada (our FAA) on an internship basis. The fueling job pays $9/hr, and the TC job pays $12/hr. The bonus here is that I'll be in the industry, making contacts, and doing something I love. The bad side is that I won't be able to fly all summer (Toronto is 2.5 hour drive from my school), and I'll likely won't make much money. Rent in Toronto is killer, plus I'll have to pay for commutting and food. I would make a lot more working for min wage at home.

I feel very confused and would love to hear some advice. I feel as if I don't start to find work in the industry, I won't be able to find work as an instructor or pilot once I graduate (in 2.5 years). I want the experience, but the pay just isn't enough to help me pay off my tuition and flying expenses. Will I be hurting my career if I choose to stay at home, work in an office, and fly on weekends? What if I try to keep making "networks" (i.e. contacts) over the summer? For instance, last summer, I worked at an airshow. I could do it again, and this could help me "get my foot in the door." Is there anything else I can do?

Thanks a lot for your advice everyone. It's much appreciated!
The airshow is a much better idea. Keep flying no matter what. Do your networking on the weekend when you're flying. I've met a great many people from the major airlines at the Oshkosh Seaplane Base.
Transport Canada

Transport Canada would be my choice, if you can afford it. You'll meet people who can open all sorts of doors for you down the road. You'll go back to flying soon enough and the summer off won't delay your entry into the pilot workforce seriously.

Good luck with your plans. Our Avalanche's Joe Sakic sure came through for you guys Sunday, as he does regularly here in Denver.

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