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What to wear on an interview?

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a&p cfiguy

Well-known member
Apr 19, 2005
Got one coming up and was wondering what some of you think should be worn to an interview. Shirt and tie, a complete suit, pilot uniform? I've never owned or wore a pilot uniform yet, should I go out and buy one? What about facial hair? I have a mustache and gotee. It's not ghetto looking, it's very well trimmed and I think looks very good on me. But I know some companies have a policy against facial hair, so I wonder if this is one of those companies that they'll just judge me on that right away. Maybe I should just chop it off, but I honestly think I look so much better with it. But if it means the difference of getting the job or not, I'll definately chop it off. But then again, maybe this is one of those things that the interviewers will remember me by. "Oh yeah, that's was the guy with the gotee, I liked him!"

I don't like looking like everyone else. A few months ago, I went to a career fair and I've never seen so many people look the same, dark suit and tie. I thought I was at a funeral. I wish I had worn a bright orange tux with ruffles like on dumb and dumber. At least I would have stood out from the crowd. So what are your thoughts on how to dress and look on an interview?
Suit worn properly. Shine your shoes. I usually tried to wear a tie that had the company colors on it. Facial hair? How many airline pilots do you see with facial hair? Not many and no goatees. Chop it.
So far as standing out, the squeaky wheel gets the grease but the buzzing mesquito gets slapped. Your supposed to be a "team player" not the individual.
Depending on who you are interviewing with should set the pace for your attire. The chin hair needs to go regardless, but a well groomed mustache should not be a factor. If you're interviewing for an airline position, the facial hair will hamper the proper use of the cockpit oxygen mask, same for a corporate pressurized aircraft.

Learn the company's history, if going for a corporate position, so that you know something about who you are representing. Most corporations are very conservative, so you would want to fit in with that philosophy.

Try to relax and be yourself in the interview.
Definitely wear a suit. Whether you think that people look like they are attending a funeral is irrelevant. People in professional business situations wear a suit and tie - you need to follow accordingly. It is a matter of respect.

Get rid of the goatee. As other people have said, it is not professional and can interfere with donning the oxygen mask and getting proper seal. This is not a time to buck the system or the status quo.

Good luck to you!
All of these threads are correct. In case anyone was wondering, assless chaps are NOT the way to go into an interview and I won't be making that mistake twice. Good luck with your interview!
Agree with all the above vis-a-vis the interview.

However, let's be honest about the goatee. Yes, lose it for an interview.

But it does not in any way impede the donning or seal of an airline-size oxygen mask unless it's practially a full beard. The typical mask seals completely around and outside of a normal size goatee. Just an excuse to enforce uniform appearance. Just be glad the airlines don't require toupees!

But you'll only see goatees in the netherworld of night freight.
Yeah, I figured I'd have to lose the goatee. Oh well. And yes, that's what I'm flying now, night freight! Hect, I don't even have to shave at this job. Guess I'll have to clean up my act a bit. I'm still tempted to wear that bright orange tux with the ruffles! I kind of want this job, so I probably won't. I would just love to do that though!
Conservative dark business suit. White shirt. Conservative tie. Shined, not-worn-out shoes that match the color of your belt. Haircut. Lose the facial hair. You want your appearance to say "professional" and "competent," not "rebel, pop, or hip." You want the interviewer to be looking at you, not your clothes or your wiskers.
If you keep the mustache, be kind and offer a ride.
As for what to wear to an interview....eh just some jogging shorts and wife beater will do just fine. HAHA kidding.

A black suit, a solid colored tie, and a white or blue dress shirt underneath.

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