What to study, where?


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May 9, 2002
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Any inputs on good study materials for FAR/AIM, getting ready for (hopefully) future interviews? I'm a career military pilot and have little to no exposure to the civilian FARs/AIM except how they were integrated into our regs.

I have the standard 2002 FAR/AIM book sold thru AirInc and elsewhere, but this seems to be selective in what goes into print. Am I missing out by using only this book? Where else should I go?

Finally, the only interview potentially on the screen is with NetJets. Any specifics on what FAR/AIM areas to concentrate on?



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Jan 1, 2002
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I agree with the above posting as those books will give you some insight into more complex interview questions and cage's book gives insight on how to interview in general.
In all the interviews I have ever done I was surprised at the amount of very basic questions that were asked(AA, TWA.,AWA) and various national airlines. Questions on moving(change of address 30 days) to airspace, to very basic IFR questions. Most have had some questions on Jeppesen approach or enroute charts. The A.I.M/ FAR is a great foundation that many overlook- there is a wealth of information in aim, part 61/91 and even the glossary is good to browse through just to brush up on standard phraseology.