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Mar 20, 2004
Hey all,

I have been working for an airline for some time now and have not flown 91 for a long time. If I interview with another regional, say Horizon, will they expect me to know 91 or is knowing 121 ok since that is what I have been flying for a few years?

Seeing as how Part 91 applies to every second of your 121 operation, I imagine an interviewer would consider it fair game. But if they ask you about alternate minimums, etc, I would imagine they would expect the "121" answer from a 121 pilot.
Of course your expected to know Pt.91. You fly Pt. 91 everyday, even if you are Pt.121. Just because a professional truck driver has a CDL (pt 121) does he forget about the everyday "rules of the road" (pt.91)? NO.
They would more than likely ask you questions that would pertain to your previous job. If you flew part 91 expect questions in that realm and vise versa.

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