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Active member
Mar 15, 2002
What are the ramifications of accepting a job with one major airline, and then taking another offer from another major in the first half year to year with your 'first choice' airline?

Will I be 'burning bridges' so to speak by being fickle and leaving a training class if another offer comes around?

Or for that matter, would I be less attractive with that 'first choice' airline to begin with, since I haven't been called yet? In other words, does having a current job count against you in the decision to call phase.

I am a little ignorant on the protocol of jumping from job to job, and what counts against you and for you in this situation.

I am being vague with the companies involved because both are first class and the difference is more long term than short in my decision making process.
Welcome to the problem most wish they have. Here are some anecdotal stories:

Gal leaves FedEx for AAL on 10 Sep. 11 Sep enroute to class hears horrific news and calls FedEx for old job back. "C-U" was the answer. At indoc I asked if this was a true story or an "urban legend" and they gave me her name. You don't quit Fedex and come back....

Plato Ryhne at Delta was quoted as saying his number one candidate was a "an ex-military guy currently working at another 121 carrier". Doesn't sound like working somewhere else bothered him...

Read the latest Air Inc. article on Air Tran. One mgt type was sort of quoted as saying they expected some of their guys to bolt for other majors...it was part of the business.

You might ask if anyone has left one carrier for another. I know there are lots of ex-FedEx guys at other majors (and I highly encourage all FedEx guys with seniority numbers higher than mine to consider SWA, JB, or anywhere else :D --just KIDDING...c'mon...) Bottom line is if you are super marketable you may have more than one offer and more than one classdate. At this point you have to look after your own best interests.

BTW...I did call 2 1/2 weeks prior to not showing up for my JB class. EVERYONE there, especially Dean Melonas, had been so super that I really didn't want to "stiff" the training department with a no-show or a last minute cancel--FedEx firmed up my class just before Christmas and I finally had to make my choice. However...I get the feeling that people bolting from training to go to other carriers is not that uncommon. War stories anyone?

It happens all the time. Delta guys leaving for United, United guys leaving for Delta, and so on. Well, not right now.... But when reality returns and the majors are hiring, you will see it again. Lot's of people have very specific reasons for wanting to be based ay ABC domicile and have familial ties with certain airlines, etc. that will make them leave one perfectly good major (or not) to go to another.
20 years or so ago changing was almost unheard of; things are so different now. I think you have to look out for yourself - airline managements are certainlly not going to!
Thats what I thought. The two players are SWA and FedEx. I like them both and are a coin flip really. So much to like from both. I know people change airlines, my issue would be taking a place in a training class, and then saying see you in the third week. Not saying that would happen (I wish), but that would be harder to do than after a year or so, where changing wouldn't be much of an issue.

I guess the play then would be to invest in the type for SWA, then go ahead with them, and take my chances with any other phone calls as they come. I was worried that by taking employment in one place, the other would see that and pass on me for someone else- is that what I am hearing as well?

On the other hand, SWA is hardly a place to turn your nose up at and wait for another job, maybe. The way things are going there, every day you wait another class starts and you lose out and I change my mins still anyway, I just want to keep the options open.

AlbieF15- have enjoyed reading your posts for a while. I hope Fedex is all that- maybe see you in Memphis sometime.
I started with FedEx in April 2001. When Delta TA'd their contract with the "No Furlough" clause, I jumped ship from FedEx to Delta in May. I was very polite and FedEx was also very courteous and professional. I'm on the street right now. FedEx, understandably, will not take former pilots back.

Makes life interesting. What a bore it would be if the dog messed up the back yard with $100 bills instead of sh!t, and if the home team won every game.
More info

I have a bud that had a job offer and type ready to go to SW when they called with a class date. Still got a call from Fedex and has decided, for his own reasons) to go to Memphis. From what I have seen (not much in the big scheme of things) having a job or not is not going to effect getting called. As far as being in the class and jumping ship I think you burn the bridge youmleave but thats about it. And if you wanted that option you would just stay. As has been said hundreds of time both SW and Fedex are great companies so it comes down to personal reasons for everyone. I personally think you would be crazy in this time to sit on your hands and wait for a call that may or may not come. Take the bird in the hand and if another option presents itself later then make the choice. Just one mans opinion.


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