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What to do in Milan!

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Just did 4 days there last month. Not at the top of my list of places to visit. Stay away from the Marriott. Its in a residential area and not much to do. No internet in your room and wifi in hte lobby is EXPENSIVE!!!!!!
Try to find something near the Duomo (church) I think there is a "W" around there. I believe the Sheraton is closed for renovations now. Really didn't have a great meal throughout the entire stay. Hope yours is better.
if your going to be there during women's fashion week, which i think is coming up. there will be plenty of parties and obviously there will be models. the rest of the time there really isnt much to do, parco sempione is full of morrocans selling hash and trying to pick you pocket so be alert. the museum in the park is nice, also the last supper is is in milan not in the parc, cant remember, you can easily take a train to florence for a day, there is more to see there.
Take a train to Como if you get a chance. Very nice scenery, boat trip around Lake Como is very affordable. I went to Como on a Sunday, not much there to do except the boat trip on the lake.

Lots of train trips to other cities if you have exhausted all of the sites in Milan.

In Milan, a visit to the Basilica of Sant' Ambrogio is a 'must see' if you like history. I believe it was built around 400 A.D.
Hilton Milan and the Star Rosa (by the Duomo) is where we stay. Lots of things to see there. When you are ready to cut loose for a drink and a good meal have a taxi take you to the "canals". It is an area that has a ton of restraunts and bars. I'll recommend Officiano 12. I was there 4 days ago and have been there 4-5 times and have never had a bad meal.

Ask the concierge what to tell the cab driver when going to the canals. I believe the area is called Naviglia. Have fun.

Just got back from there. We stayed at the Hilton. Right next to the train station and subway line. I would stay off the roads and stick to public transit.

The front desk staff there is EXCELLENT and will make dinner reservations for you based on your budget (ask for Peitro). He found us a spot that had '97 Burnello's for 40(euros) a bottle. Everything else however is ridiculously expensive. The cheapest meal we had was 89(euros) ... but it was EXCELLENT.

We got away for the day and took the train to Genoa. Nice coastal city with lots of nautical history.

If want something to do in Miliano you should go out and buy a can of spray paint and do some art work on the side of a building. It is obviously a national past time.
take train to Coumo then hydrofoil to Biaggio (at end of lake by IT alps) hav lunch thn head back. You can try and get tix to "Last -Supper" but may be diff to get. :)

ps: typed on treo -forgive
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What to do in Milan

This is one of the cities where I grew up. There are lots of things that you can do and enjoyed your time very much so. PM, I’ll be very glad to guide you through the area. (Depends also which are your expectations and personal interests. The town is pretty rich if you know where to go and what you would like to see).

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