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What kind of plane?

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It was a Caribou which had been converted to turbine engines, Notice that the but modified nacelles, not quite like the original nacelles, but not like the turbine nacelles on the Buffalo.

Transport Canada thinks that it was not a case of forgetting the control lock, but the control lock becoming engaged or partially engaged during the takeoff run.
captdippe' said:
What about a trim prob or a VMC
Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't Vmc require an engine to be inop? Both engines were running strong when it hit the ground... Also I believe FAR 23 & 25 require that full control deflection can overcome the most unfavorable trim position, or something along those lines...

Most definately a CG shift or Control ineffectiveness (control lockage)...
The Caribou crash was indeed due to the gust lock being engaged at the time of takeoff. It's a well documented crash, and was actually discussed thoroughly on this board a couple days ago. That thread also had a link to a report from that accident - happened in Canada.

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