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What is the key to getting an interview?

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Well-known member
Jul 11, 2002
Hey folks! This is my first post but I have been "watching" for a while. The economy is beating my corporate job up and I am very interested in working for the fractionals. I would like some inside info. or at least some personal stories on how you got your interviews. I have filled out the on-line applications, I have sent in my resume and cover letter, I will follow up with a call in a week.

Do you really need to know someone on the inside or what?
I know that can't hurt, but I am asking for some input from those who have been there. I have the hours, just need the opportunity!

Thanks for all the help.

I put my resume in last Sept. I got an application in the mail a few weeks later and sent that in. I didn't hear anything more until a few weeks ago. I ran across an old friend who was flying for NetJets and he offered to send in a LOR for me. About the same time they sent me a form asking to update my file if I was still interested because it had been 6 months since I had originally
applied. I sent that in and a week later my friend sent me a copy of the letter he had written for me. The following week I got the invite for an interview. I asked about the LOR and Derinda told me that the call was more from the 6 month update form than from the LOR. She said they are trying to work down the backlog of applications that are on file. I have heard that the LOR's carry alot of weight but they didn't necessarily confirm that. Bottom line I guess is to get in line and wait! It takes a lot of patience but from what I hear it is worth the wait.
Good luck! Stick with it and if we are both lucky maybe we will be flying the line someday!
more info

Thanks for the reply! Good Information. I know there are a lot more of you out there with some storys. Just a quick survey to see how many had "inside" connections to just waiting out the pool.



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