What is Porter saying now?


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Aug 24, 2005
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I'm sure that all of us agree that the entire crew of the USAir flight that ditched into the Hudson last week did an amazing job. All of them made sure that they performed their duties before thinking about their own safety. Regardless, "Sully" has gotten the most media time since last Thursday and it just makes me wonder how Porter feels about that. I mean, she's probably sitting there at home just fuming:angryfire at the fact that every news channel she turns to, has something to say about Sully. Right now, all of us captains at NetJets need to be very careful. It's times like these that cause people to snap and go off on a rampage. Yes Porter, we DO recognize that there were more crew members on board that day. It's just that.... the captain is the most important one. :bomb: