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What is on the PRIA?

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Well-known member
Sep 15, 2002
Is there a database where all the information is sent to and any future employer can access it? Or does a future employer have to request it from a specific company? I washed of training at a regional but never failed my checkride so it wasnt reported to the FAA. Can this information be found on the PRIA or does a future employer have to request it from that specific company with my permission?
Your records are kept with the airline you worked at. Any potential employer will request via paperwork, copies of your training records from your previous company.

You can fill out the PRIA paperwork yourself and send it in to your previous company.

The PRIA form will need your signature on it to be valid. BUT.... If you're thinking that you just won't sign it so they can't get it.. think again.
The copies of the PRIA thatI have seen have 3 things on them.

1. yes/no - has this person been terminated for disciplin reasons

2. yes/ne - has this person ever refused to submit to drug/acl testing

3. yes/no - has this person ever fail or repeated training at your company

My wording is not the exact wording but the records I have in ref to PIRA from when I went from 135 to 121 in 1999 were forms like this. If the reporting company answers yes to any of the 3 there is space for them to explain the job action.

The reason I know this is when you fill out the paperwork to send to your former 135 or 121 companies there is a box you can check and you will get a copy of what your previous company(s) are sending to your new companies.

Just so you know,
On most applications it now states that "Have you ever withdrawn or Failed out of 121 training at another airline?" or something like it. Yes, Pria can only be requested from Airlines that are given to us but Gaps in employment can raise questions. We have later found out that people have failed training elsewhere and they can be terminated for not telling the truth on the application. When you sign the bottom of the application, you are stating that all information is true and correct.

Honesty is the best policy....I would rather explain it in an interview anyday than explain it on the way out the door.

Good Luck,
We include copies of all training records when requested by the PIRA.
We have found pilots who failed to report someplace they had previously worked and then when the PIRA report came back it would state left ABC for job at XYZ. The pilot failed to report XYZ.

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