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What is Airlink doing?

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F15 Ret/FDX/InterviewPrep
Nov 25, 2001
Can anyone at Airlink explain what is going on in Memphis as far as replacing Saabs?

I thought I understood Airlink was just replacing their planes, but maintaining current routes with new equipment. Someone else said Mesaba was taking over and would fly the Saabs out of Memphis, while Airlink was moving most of its ops to MSP. Could someone explain to me what is really going to happen? :confused:

I have been lucky enough to JS to PFN on airlink several times. Everyone there has been wonderful. Does this means I will now fly a CRJ to PFN with airlink, or will Mesaba now take over the route and continue service with the exisiting Saabs?

Either way--I'm bringing donuts or cookies whenever I jumpseat, but I was just wondering...:p

And as always...thanks for the rides home. :D

Mesaba is taking over Saab flying out of Memphis. They are also creating a base with 30 or so Saab crews in Memphis. This is, happily, enabling Mesaba to recall about 40 of their 52 furloughed pilots. As to whether that route will still be a Saab route is not a question I can answer. Looking forward to the cookies though!
From the little that I understand in this whole mess, it is suppose to go as follows. (all subject to change of course)

Mesaba will get ALL Saab flying out of MEM, planes, and routes with in the year (transistioning from us to them). The CRJ structure will grow, and "some" saab routes may go to a CRJ.

So to answer your question, I doubt PFN will be a CRJ route out of MEM, but who knows anything is possible.
Measaba's Saabs to PFN

I know that we will be flying the Saab to PFN starting in March, As far as CRJ flying to PFN, An express pilot might be able to answer that for you, Im sure you will be welcomed on board Mesaba as well. AND DON'T FORGET THE DOUNUTS;)
Big Boy you dont need anymore donuts. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I have yet to find your brother.


In the December pilot meeting if I heard correctly from Mr. T, XJ will eventually have all SF3 flying, with us (EXA) continuing the ground handling unless for some reason it is more economical for XJ to take over. Supposedly "IF" at anytime the load factors/bookings require a bigger aircraft we will then redeploy into that city with a CRJ.....I don't forsee this happening anytime soon even though GLH is building a Jetbridge! :D
As well if for some reason the CRJ deliveries start dwindling down then we will slow down the transfer of SF3 flying to XJ.

Now for the rumors...... I have heard that we (EXA) will be doing "seasonal" flying out of the Great White North with those lovely new "44" seat CL-65s to PFN and possibly PNS. Will this happen? Only the powers to be at the Big Red Tail HQ know.

By the way I like chocolate donuts! :D

Actually we already do Saturday DTW to PNS service. I have no idea about PFN, not listed in the new schedules though.

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