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What is AA's current fleet plan?

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Tokyo Tokyo!
Dec 16, 2001
I read that AMR was comitted to 126 ERJ/CRJ, 47 737-800, 9 767-300m and 15 777's.....is that true? and more importantly, besides the 727's and 717's how many A/C's is AMR parking for good?

Any of you boys on the inside know?
I believe all the 727's are parked now.

Holy thread necrophilia Batman! I posted that 13 years ago trying to get visibility on recalls post-911..lol

but thanks.
Doug Parker can only run an airline with 279 main line a/c so he will have a s---- pot mess of rj's. He is now the King of Mesa Grande/Grande and the LAA pilots will soon see that they made a deal with the Devil.
hey! lets just see how long we can keep this thread from when I was in my early 30's going... somehow it makes me feel like I'm living back then again.

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