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What is a UPS Management Pilot?

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Is it time for lunch yet?
Jul 24, 2002
My buddy, who recently went through ground school at UPS, called to tell me that UPS is looking for Management Pilots. Can someone give me the skinny on exactly what a Management Pilot is/does?

I know you don't get, nor can you ever have a seniority number ... obvious drawback. He also said you get Captain pay ... does that sound right?

Anything else I should know?

Thanks. Feel free to PM me.
I know a little about what they do, but am not an insider (there is probably someone more in the know than I...) However, from what I know, UPS uses management pilots to a much greater degree than any other airline. i.e. a lot of the functions other airlines would dole out to union/line-holding/seniority number pilots (who they pull off of the line to fill roles such as technical pilots, training, etc.) UPS fills with salaried "Management Pilots" who still fly the line (albeit far less than a normal line holder). In short, they fill a number of the "must-fill with pilots" administrative positions with mgmt. instead of pulling line pilots off of the schedule. There are still some union pilots in training, etc. just not as many as at other carriers. (Some refer to UPS as two separate airlines within the airline due to the large number of management pilots) The Management Pilots do receive captains pay (six figures) up front and are captains when they fly. However, once a management pilot, always a management pilot. (i.e. you can never return to being a line pilot)
ups management pilots

UPS is very old school. Remember it is a trucking company that started an airline (bought a 121 cert.) At UPS mgmt pilots fill many different positions from supervisor in HR to crew resource manager in crew scheduling as well as the typical managment positions such as assistant chief pilot, flight standards, training etc. There are other general management positions that are filled with "flight qualified" people. Not all of them start off as captains. Some start off as FE's and then leave the line to become management. At UPS once you enter management you cannot go back - no matter if you are a truck driver, package sorter or secretary. Management guys do not fly the line or bid lines. They bump pilots from line flights to maintain currency and get the required landings.
They are paid very well. All management at UPS get stock as part of his or her yearly compensation. A supervisor gets one unit, a manager two units and a division manager gets two units plus options. One unit equals two months salary if all company and personal goals are met, so if UPS has a good year, you do too.
As far as flying goes, I know some management guys that would fly the minimum to maintain currecy and some would fly hundreds of hours each year. It all depends on you and your office duties or how much time you want to be away from home.
If you have other questions post them and I will try to answer.

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