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What brand of sunglasses do you wear?

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
For those that wear sunglasses, what brand do you wear?

Oakley E-wire, black (non-polarized)

"It's all about the image"
image, what's that?

Heavy black plastic no-name ten dollar rectangular nerd glasses with fading dark blue/forest green lenses.

They're dead sexy. *Laughs*

Can't tell you the brand, but they were on a rack with a bunch of other sunglasses at Walmart. They looked lonely, so I bought them.

I don't know that they're sexy; nobody's ever called me that, glasses, or no glasses. First one that does gets my inheritance. (prepare to go into debt...)
While on the subject of shades, I'd like to get on the soapbox real quick!

Pilot's...please don't wear polarized shades while flying. ALPA recommends against them and so does the FMS manufacturers. Read the manual if you don't believe me.

The polarized shades will inhibit your view of traffic...the way the a/c windows are made and will also inhibit your ability to see the colors on the FMC screen.

I see too many pilots brag about their Serengetti's and see them advertised in every crew magazine.

Shame on Hal Shevers and Sporty's for endorsing the pilot to use on the flightdeck.

Fly Safely and Securely!

Your comments about polarized sunglasses are correct, additionally, polarized sunglasses can be a serious hazard when flying floats. However I think that you are a bit off in your condemnation of Serengeti sunnglasses. Corning does make some polarized lenses under the serengeti name, but all the ones that I have seen advertised for aviaton use, including in Sporty's, use the "drivers" lens. I don't believe that the "drivers" lenses are polarized. Thake a look at these links which contian descriptions of the various serengeti lenses.



Notice that the lenses which are polarized are described as being polarized, while the drivers are not.

I haven't worn sernegetis, but if you're wearing polarized sunglasses, it will be apparent by the moire patterns you see on the rear windows of cars and some laminated widshields (cars and airplanes)

BluBlockers. Something like $13 at Walgreen's. They really do cut the haze. I don't believe they're polarized, but I'm not sure about that.
I wear RayBan Aviators. The gold colored frame with wire wrap around the ear piece. Fits great under the headset with no pressure points and works excellent in all light conditions.
I don't know know what I have on in my avitar (LOL). But I have Bolle Just because they block all UV rays. They are non polarized, some of the polarized glasses react funny with the elements of the windshield and can cause a rainbow effect with blind spots.


Smoking Man
Ray-Bans. Best I've ever used (which would include, at various times, Randolph, Serengeti, borrowed Blu Blockers, cheapo off-the-rack stuff, and Oakley).

Currently wearing Ray-Ban predators. Love 'em. G-15 lenses are da BOMB. :)

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