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What are we doing for work???????

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Just curious to know what everybody does all day?
I know I am busy with a business right now but what do all of you furloughed people do? and pilots too?
I can't speak for others, who may have less significant issues in their lives, but I remove the lint from my naval daily, about noon. I line up each lint ball, and contemplate the subtle differences from day to day, and week to week. One day I may take pictures, and publish a coffee table book.

Sometimes the memories of each unique lint ball keep me occupied for hours while I stare aimlessly into space during long legs, high in the increadibly boring flight levels.

When not working, I continue research on the Indigo worm.
I wake up around 11am. Sometimes I watch TV...other times I play PS2. Othertimes I go to the library. I volunteer as an aviation speaker at local high schools and walk dogs at the Humane Society. Flying meatballs on the weekends and cleaning up ashtrays at the local bar get me beer money. There isn't a whole lot to do when you're unemployed. I wonder if this is what retirement is like? ewwwwww....

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