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Westwind for air ambulance


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Feb 17, 2005
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I have a Westwind I would like to use for air ambulance flights.

I'm not sure if it will work though because it has some cabinetry by the door which most Westwinds don't have. The relatively small door (compared to a Lear or a Citation with the extra wide door) is a problem to begin with; a guy who flew a Westwind on air ambulance told me they used a sort of slig or hammock to get the patient into the airplane.

How wide is the stretcher that's normally used and how wide does the door and the aisle in the cabin need to be to get the stretcher in?


May 27, 2002
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Lots of WW24's are used for Air Ambulance. I never had a problem with the entry way and patients. You'll find a way to throw the patients in.

The only problem I ever had was loading a pump for an oil rig, we had to take the door off to load it. Apparently every hour this pump wasn't on the rig was costing an oil company $100,000.