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West coast regionals

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beats working

Active member
Apr 16, 2002
Other than SkyWest and Horizon, are there any west coast regionals?

I live in the the SF bay area and am wondering about a good regional job without too much of a commute. I'm in the works at SkyWest, but that could be a long way away and I know that Horizon is not doing anything for a while. What about LAX? I'm currently flying 135 and happy with it, but not flying enough.

Thanks for all of your thoughts.
Don't expect eagle to hire in 2002. 304 furloughes with no plans for recall. Lots of complicated scope issues with AMR pitting AA and Eagle against eachother...it will all be worked out, but it WILL take time.
Air Wisconsin is not hiring now but they fly a few routes out of LAX. I think they fly to five places in California and six runs out of LAX (Santa Barbara, San Jose, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Aspen, Eagle Vail). They however feed through the Denver base, which is the largest. Many old Westair guys commute from CA to Denver and have an easier time than the guys from ORD to DEN. Air Wisconsin has no domicile as of yet in CA. Hiring projected within the next year as long as CRJ deliveries keep coming.

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