Weight restrictions out of HKG and NRT

Cpt Oveur

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Sep 9, 2007
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Leaving the far east first week of March returning to the states, and I'm wondering how full these flights are or if they're easy to get on.

Out of HKG:
I know UAL goes to SFO and ORD on a 747, EWR on a 777, and Delta on a 777 to DTW.

Any of these passenger flights easy to actually make it on or not?
My backup is Polar/Atlas to ANC.

Any Atlas guys know if there's an Atlas flight out of HKG to somewhere beyond ANC? Someone said a direct to CVG, but you know.....

out of NRT:
Any of the flights to the lower 48 ever weight restricted? Thanks for all your help and smart remarks.


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Nov 26, 2001
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Come to the dark side, on Kalitta you can ride from HKG to ORD, CVG, EWR, JFK, or LCK, depending on which flight you are on. The classics usually stop in KHV, and the 400s sometimes stop in ICN, but those are only fuel stops.