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Weight and Balance Standards

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Richmond, VA
Dec 1, 2001
I remember reading somewhere awhile back some "fixed" values for doing weight and balance work for passenger carrying operations, where the operator obviously does not ask each person for their weight. It was something like 180 pounds for male and 140 for females. My question(s) is/are is there indeed such a set of standardized weights to use for WandB planning in the FARs? if so what are they? and can they be used under part 91 or just under 121 or 135 ops?

I've never seen anything like this in the FARs. Operators that use these W&B methods have thier program approved by the FAA. At my company, all passengers weigh 180 pounds in the winter, all checked bags weigh 25 pounds, and all gate checked bags weigh 10 pounds.
Gotcha. I wasn't sure if that was a FAR designation or a company thing... which you answered. Thanks.

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