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Active member
May 17, 2005
Does anyone carry or have info on carrying weapons on a Part 135 flight as a cockpit crewmember? We have a couple of pilots inquiring about this, and I've been given several different stories by the TSA -- they aren't eligible for the FFDO program because we don't have aircraft over 100,000 or 61 seats. They referred us back to 135.119, which doesn't have a clear interpretation. Any help is appreciated.
(b) Crewmembers and other persons authorized by the certificate holder to carry arms.

Dear Chief pilot: I request authorization to carry my glock 19 when I go fly.

Dear pilot: Authorization granted!
The FFDO program is not applicable to charter operations in small airplanes.

You don't need a TSA interpretation of that. You're not eligible. You can get authorization from your company to carry a firearm, if the company will allow it.

However, you are also beholden to all the laws and regulations of every municipality, county, state, and airport thorugh which you pass when you fly, and permission from your Director of Operations won't relieve you from meeting the requirements of those laws and regulations.
Then leave the weapons on the aircraft.
It's clear why you elect to post under the name "stupidpilot."
I love how you are a complete d$ck to everyone you don't agree with. The aircraft is private property. Noone has the authority to enter it without your consent dumba$$
The biggest concern that I have about carrying is the fact that we fly into Canada and Mexico. If for what ever reason they decide to check you and your aircraft and find it then you can really be in a deep pile of ****. And since we have no idea where we are going from one day to the next, its not like we can have a lock box at the FBO.
why do you want to carry this gun? for protection? just to take it to the range while on overnights? both? just curious.

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