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Way to go F-15's

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That story was great. Probably would have helped the LAPD during the LA riots of 92 or 93 (whenever that was).
No way, the Viper would have Bingo'd out within 100 miles of Fresno or Nellis. They would need tanker support to make it to LA or San Diego.
Of course the F-16 would not be as effective. The F-16 is too small to be seen by the crowds on the ground. They would have only heard them. On the other hand, when the Titanium Cloud flies overhead and the folks on the ground experience an unschedluled, noisy, partial solar eclipse they will always run in fear. :D Fly, Fight and Win
P.S. Too bad they weren't flying F-4s. Now that would have been a noisy, smoking, awe inspiring sight!
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