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Waving the white flag


All Pau, gone Nuha
Nov 26, 2001
Total Time
Thank you to those for giving me information to consider, without berating, threating or trying to intimidate me.

Whether you agree or disagree with the poster, a simple "thank you for responding" shows your maturity. We understand your point/cause/position by reading your response.

This board is once again filling with angry people. To further a cause, to make change or defend an attack you must get involved. Relying on others, without involvement puts control into the hands of others. If you truly can't live with the outcome, find another cause, job and/or accept it.

I've never met an angry person that did not have health problems. A job is a job, is it worth your wife, family or life?. If it is, you need to have a conversation with a higher source. Life has so much to offer those who experience it with acceptance of things you cannot change and kindness to others in their heart and souls.

Let's be respectful and decent and restore peace.

Best regards.......8sm
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