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WASINC for JALways

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New member
Apr 4, 2002
When I was considering employment with WASINC I was very positive until I came upon LAZYB's comment about "Don't think about working here if you want to remain scabbless". I've been unemployed since 9/11 but still have morals so I contacted someone that was working for a competitor of theirs and told him that if any of his colleagues can tell me why anyone working there would be scabbing to E-mail me, no one ever did. I even called ALPA for information on companies that might be considered "Scab companies" and they had no input. That's as nice as I can get for WASINC.
For anyone considering working for them, now the bad part. I completed their detailed application, flew up to MSP to interview (They foot the air-fair and hotel, or I should say JALways did), 5 hour MMPI, Psychological Interview and DC-Simm. The Simm was the last part. I was contacted when I got home the following Monday and told that everything went very well and were impressed so far. I was asked if I would like to go to LA for a "JAL Pre-employment screening exam, they last all day and was told extremely thorough. I told him yes I would and he told me to expect the trip itinerary to be E-mailed to me and flight confirmation this week, plan on leaving Sunday for a Monday morning exam. I also asked if he could send me information on the compensation/benefits or the contract and he said no problem. All week no mail, Sunday came and went, so I E-mailed them back and told them what I thought of their professionalism. I was to PO'd to tell them what I thought over the phone.
The bottom line is I understood they were still trying to get their company up to speed, I could understand if I didn't pass the interview (a former colleague of mine was a least given a rejection letter) or one of their tests but when they tell you so far so good and then leave you hanging, what would happen when your in Tokyo or BF Egypt and you have a problem in ground school or on line? I accepted the fact that they were more of a B-scale type company compared to their competitors and that their starting up but I'd be careful when they promise you something. I had about 25 questions that had to be answered with no luck. It was like they were telling us about compensation and getting a feel of our responses by looking for a reaction. They might eventually be a great bunch of guys to work for but I'd highly recommend your questions be answered in writing.

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