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Warbirds in Montana?

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Dec 13, 2005
Hey guys I am curious if know of anyone in Montana that owns 4 or five warbirds. I am aware of the guy at Crystal Lakes Resort (the place with the Stonehenge replica).

They may be kept at a private airport near Helena.

This is a long shot but just curious if you have any info.

There's a museum at Helena, and of course Neptune at Missoula still flies the P2V.
There are several. Near Whitefish, MT lives a fellow named Jim Smith that has quite a collection at his private strip. Mustang, Corsair, even a Seafire; complete with a griffon engine and contra-rotating props; and several more. The owner of SemiTool out of Kalispell also has a really nice Corsair. In Bozeman you'll find a BT-13, a really nice AT-6, 3 L-19s, a CT-133 (frostback version of the T-33), a Mk. VI Sabre (frostback F-86), and 2 F-100F Super Sabres. There used to be a Mig-21 based in Helena, but it hasn't been there in a while. Also, the tech school in Helena has a few relics laying around. Their F-89 Scorpion was just dismantled and moved to a museum operated by Bill Anders (the astronaut) in WA state. They have a MATS Super Connie that has been the topic of many a restoration discussion as well.
B26 (A-26?) at Corporate in KBIL been there a few years., I believe it is for sale.

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