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Nov 14, 2004
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Hey, everybody,
My little airplane gang and I are faced with the need for a "type rating" in a T-28F. 2 of the 3 of us are career pilots but the other is a hobbyist with years of experience. As such, he has no instrument rating. He does have a British IMC rating, but I don't think that he has an instrument rating on his American Cert. This is where the gray area begins.

If you read the regs under part 61.36 (I'm working from memory here, so forgive me if the reg is somewhere else in part 61) it lays out the requirements for an additional aircraft type rating. One of these requirements is that the applicant have an instrument rating or concurrently obtain it during the checkride. Under the same section of the reg it spells out the requirement for a type rating checkride to be given the same way as an ATP ride, parts of which must be given under actual or simulated IMC.

So here's where the questions begin. Neither the training nor checkrides for these warbird type ratings involve anything to do with instrument approaches or holds or any other aspect of instrument flying. So, my impression of what's going on here is that the checkrides for these airplanes are not performed in compliance with the regs under part 61. I tend to think that this is due to the nature of the fact that these ratings used to be simple L.O.A.s but for some reason became more "official".

So, do you need an CFI-I to instruct in these aircraft towarda type rating? And do you in fact need an instrument rating to be elligible?


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Dec 4, 2002
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I know this doesn't answer your question directly, but...

1) The landings.com airmen database used to show type ratings, and when you'd look up someone with a lot of warbird types, they'd all say "(VFR Only)" at the end... so I'd imagine that the ride wouldn't include any instrument stuff if that limitation would be placed on there. Or at the very least it would be an option for planes where that's practical.

2) My friend recently instructed someone for a T-28 type and is not a CFII.
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