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Wanted: Corporate Pilot Mentors

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Pilot Mentor Network
Aug 1, 2002
Attention Professional Pilots! Airline pilots, corporate pilots, cargo pilots, military pilots, ALL professional pilots are needed as MENTORS for a brand new network designed to help aspiring professional pilots get to where YOU are now.

Since the network is brand new, it needs mentors in order to open. Please, sign up today and help hundreds of aspiring pilots through the road to a career by informing and guiding them, step by step! The website is located at http://www.pilotmentornetwork.com

A Press Release has been reproduced below

The Pilot Mentor Network is a brand new concept to aviation internet that was designed to provide help for young people interested in becoming professional career pilots. It is where "mentors" (current or retired professional pilots that provide guidance to aspiring pilots) are brought together with "mentorees" (aspiring professional pilots who are seeking guidance from a mentor). It is where mentorees can get current, reliable information about a career in aviation as well as learn from the stories of how individual professional pilots achieved their career in aviation.
The website (located at http://www.pilotmentornetwork.com/) provides valuable information concerning the many steps aspiring pilots will take on their path to becoming a career pilot. Mentorees can ask actual professional pilot mentors specific questions on an interactive question board, view their profile (the life story of how that pilot got to where he/ she is), read interview style questions asked to the pilots to find out even more about that pilot, and view articles written by the mentors regarding related and sometimes confusing topics.

Mentorees can read the profiles of all the website’s registered and verified pilot mentors and are free to ask any mentors questions regarding their career in aviation. Mentorees can also request a personal mentor. This happens when a mentoree finds a pilot mentor that he/ she would like to get even more advice from on a more personalized basis. At this point, the Pilot Mentor Network will exchange the e-mail addresses between the mentor and mentoree, allowing the mentor and mentoree to have a stronger, lasting mentorship. (The Pilot Mentor Network refers to the term mentorship as the professional guidance relationship existing between the mentor and the mentoree.)

The Pilot Mentor Network was founded on a not-for-profit basis, meaning that they will never charge any members for services. Joining is free for all, and members will never be asked to purchase "upgrades" of any sort.

All pilot mentors are verified through FAA certificated databases.

In the first few weeks of website operation the Pilot Mentor Network will limit membership to mentors only due to the fact that the website cannot properly function without a sufficient amount of mentors.

The Pilot Mentor Network is located at http://www.pilotmentornetwork.com/.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected].

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