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Wanna Hate CHQ more?

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Nov 14, 2005
Not confirmed but CHQ and Northwest codeshare at the expense of Mesaba.

Just remember you heard it here first.

And knowing is half the battle.
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For clarification, it should read "Wanna Hate CHQ Management more?"

CHQ's CEO and CFO both came from Mesaba so it seems plausible. And while it does sound entertaining, there have been no press releases or information indicating that the above is true.
CHQ further accelerates the race to the bottom. Nevermind, it's not worth it.
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Alright. Listen up once and for all to squash this rumor. Our CEO Mr. Bedford, and our COO, Mr. Hellar, have a long history with NWA, back when they ran XJ. There is a good amount of bad blood that has never been reconciled. Our COO did some underhanded stuff that bordered on "criminal", and our CEO wanted to do with XJ, what he did with CHQ, but was snubbed at every turn so he left amid heated exchanges. Unless fences are mended, too many egos have been hurt regardless of the almighty dollar.

So, you heard it HERE first. No NWA codeshare w/ CHQ.
And you heard this here second...

IT MIGHT MAKE SENSE, with NWA gearing up so much in IND and with ATA leaving IND. BUT: The market is flooded with 50 seat jets. You'd think that somebody'd have 'em available cheaper then CHQ. I suspect if anything, REP/CHQ may sometime be asked to fly 170's, not 145's for NWA. That's not gonna happen in the next few days. I don't think we could handle it right now if we tried! We have training and upgrades delayed for the 170's we have now due to sim availability, with a few airplanes parked, I believe. Plus, the MidAtlantic thing is still up in the air, too.

We've been hearing the NW codeshare rumor since before I got here. I don't think it's worth anyone getting their panties in a wad until it actually happens.
PUflight said:
296SK was taken to Greenville, Mississippi (GLH) to get repainted.........


I was in the crew room the morning it left, and I talked to the captain that flew it there after he got back. He said the paint shop said they were painting it "white." I assume it'll be another CHQ "blue-tail floater" airplane. Of course, it could be being painted just "white" in preparation for delivery to future owner in a foreign country. We ARE losing 145's. But thanks for trying to stir the pot.
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