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W.I.A FINAL update.....


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Nov 26, 2001
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As promised, I am reporting back on my W.I.A. project for New York State:

I am pleased to announce that as of Friday, January 18, SimuFlite, based in Dallas, is now an Approved W.I.A. Training Provider for New York State. This took many phone calls, and I cannot thank enough George Declue, NYS sales rep, and Abel Ruiz, SimuFlite Govt. Sales Rep. for getting this pushed through.

My specific course approval came through this morning and SimuFlite was provided a paid invoice by this afternoon. I head out Sunday for training.

So if any of you NYS residents need a Recurrent or potentially an Initial in order to secure employment, visit:


and click sales contacts, then North East region, this will give you the contact #'s for Geoge Declue, our NYS sales contact.

I'd recomment getting all your W.I.A. ducks in a row first, and with this done, it should move very quickly.

FYI, SimuFlite is hard at work in getting other states approved. NYS, once I put the above named people in contact with my local career center, got approval quite quickly with Abel's effort in inputing the data. Abel also mentioned, as did George, that once they started investigating the process for other states, they found that NYS is a pretty basic process (NYS approval is all done electronically through our website) and other states are not. But they are working on it.

Post away if you have any questions.

Good luck,