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Voluntary Furlough?

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Aug 27, 2005
Does anyone know what happens to your senority, health Ins., vacation, etc. If you do take it?

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Most airlines that offer a voluntary furlough, you keep your senority, but lose your longivity. If you work for some unnamed regionals, they also take your virginity.
Vacation and pay.. seniority is just the what number pilot your are in the group

Longevity is HOW long you have been there.

So... you can be in the top 10% of the sen list but only have longevity equal to the bottom 10% of the sen list.

It affect's pay, vacation, 401K, retirement anything that is basically based on how long you have been with company X.
I assume it freezes whereever you left off? ie, you're on 3rd year pay when you furlough, you come back to 3rd year pay.

Anyone know about XJ's furlough bennies? Unemployment/insurance while furloughed?​
The hard part with a voluntary furlough is to get as much out of it as you can. Severance pay, Pass bennie's, insurance bennie's and in most cases you can file for unemployement. (depends on the state and how the company responds to the inquiry)

I would be hard pressed to take a voluntary furlough, unless I had either a sugar momma OR a solid job offer doing something I wouldn't mind doing for a few months to a year.

One last thing.. a plan from the company on how long you must be out and the process on getting back on board. Don't bite on something you could not handle and don't bite unless they make it easy to get back.

Yes.. your longevity stops right where you left it.. You leave at 3 years, 4 months and 5 days.. your first day back is starts at 3 years, 4 momths and 6 days.

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