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Vision Question

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Well-known member
Mar 5, 2002
If I am correct, you have to have 20/20 vision to have a first class medical. Can you still get a first class medical if you use contacts or glasses, and your vision is 20/20 corrected? Why do people talk about losing there medical due to vision if they can use contacts or glasses to correct it? Thanks :rolleyes:
As long as your vision is correctable using contacts or glasses, you are fine. Military is another story.
Vision v. Medical

You might have to take a vision restriction on your medical for corrective lenses, but you can get a First.

Thank goodness, the FAA chilled on vision SODAs. :)
Your distant viaual acuity has to be 20/20 or better but your near vision only has to be 20/40 or better.

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