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Vision question for SWA drivers

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Active member
Dec 3, 2001
AFter 24 years of flying, the perfect vision finally failed me. My last FAA physical included "Must wear corrective lenses".

Since I'm anticipating starting with SWA in July, my question is to those who wear glasses while flying SWA 737's. Being very ignorant to this glasses thing, I apologize if this sound stupid, but is there a prefered style/frame that works best with SWA head gear? Also, will I need the prescription sunglasses as well? Someone mention my polarized sunglasses wouldn't work in a 737 cockpit. (Something about the windscreen). Then again, with my latest physical, I'm sure the FAA wouldn't approve of me wearing my Maui Jims without a prescription. Never had to worry about sunglasses in my military days....came with the helmet. Being new to this civilian flying, any comments would be greatly appreciated.

I feel your pain brotha.. Being a "visually challenged" person myself, I've tried alot of different things. If your vision is not bad enough that would require you to wear glasses all the time I would just get some lenses made to put into your sunglass frames. I know a few guys who have done this. The thing that stinks is that when you buy a high qulity pair of sunglasses you are really paying for the lenses.. The prescription lenses that you will get are pretty low quality compared to original lenses, so don't spend a fortune on your shades if you are going to ditch the lenses...

My vision is pretty bad, and I had two pairs of glasses for a while, normal, and sunglasses but got tired of toting around both of them, so I forced myself to get used to contacts so that I can use "normal" sunglasses..

As far as the lightweight style headsets go, I don't think there are any sunglasses that would interfere with how they function.

Polarized.. Yes, I have seen some folks use them in polarized cockpits (I fly the Embraer regional jet) and I think that they are REALLY annoying.. They make some parts of the windshields almost black, depending on how you position your head...

Well, good luck!!!

Don't try flying the 737 with Maui Jim's! I tried once, but it's a major nuissance. Not only do they make for an "interesting" view out the windows, but you have to tilt your head to one side to properly view the digital readouts on engine instruments (300/500), and tilt your head to the opposite side to read the VSI/TCAS.

Save the Maui Jim's (an otherwise excellent product) for those ski trips to the lake.

The headset they issue you can be set up to basically just "hang in your ear" if you want, or you can attach it to a "bracket" that fits over your head, or you can take it apart and actually mount the guts of it on your glasses frame itself. I've seen several variations on how to wear it. If you have your own headset you like, you can use it.

I wear contacts myself. A little more hassle, a little better peripheral vision...
SWA issues you a headset?

Hehe yep, it's a...er...I forget what it is ;) Anyway, it's a fairly lightweight "one-ear" thing that you can detach from the bracket and just hang on your ear, or attach to your glasses, or whatever. You can purchase ($40) a custom earpiece that fits inside your ear, but it comes with a selection of standard earpieces. It worked OK for me, (earpiece hurts some folks, but didn't bother me) but I couldn't get it rigged up to fit "comfortably" overall and stay on my head, so I went back to my old Learjet headset.

They also have a deal on Sennheiser active-noise-cancelling headsets through the company (I guess it's a deal--it was still too rich for my probationary blood) ;) The cockpit jacks will work with either a one- or two-pin headset.


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