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Virgin makes play for America West

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Nov 27, 2001
I just got off a European web site that was talking about Virgin Airlines aquiring a large stake in Cactus. To get around the foreign ownership deal they have several puppets installed in key positions. Anybody hear anything about that. Could be the start of something nasty. That's one way around cabotage. PS I don't remember the web address, I was on the BBC site and started wandering.
the connection

Ornestien worked for Virgin before he came back to Mesa. The idea of Virgin being involved with America West is very interesting, especially since Mesa is partner with America West. I'm sure the rumors are flying from every direction, I'll have to call some friends at Mesa. Although I would tend to dismiss this as dribble and very unlikely!
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Virgin TPS Reports

Incidentally flyinbrian. do ya have those TPS reports? Nnnnn'kay terrific.
Nnnnnnnnnyea............so, if you could just go ahead and use the new coversheets on those TPS reports, that'd be great..........
..........NNNNNNNOKKKKKKKKK? I'll be sure to get you another copy of that memo.

Thanks a bunch!

Bill Lumberg

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