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Virgin Islands-U.S. Customs

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Well-known member
Dec 7, 2004
Do you have to file Eapis going to the U.S. Virgin Islands? Are you required to clear Customs in the United States on return? I've been given different answers from pilots and haven't called Customs yet.

going to St. Thomas in a couple of weeks and wondering about the customs procedures if any.
i've been to st.croix via san juan starting and finishing in fll, cleared US customs in all 3 locations. go figure.
File an EAPIS to and from USVI. From St Croix (never been to St Thomas) I always preclear customs and I've always flown back to KFXE. I call the customs people at KFXE ahead of time to see what they want me to do on arrival. Twice I've been told don't worry about stopping by customs and once I was told to pull into the customs ramp first, so go figure.
Do the EAPIS in and out of the USA. Pre-Clear customs in St. Thomas (the customs people out there are very cool) and then you don't need to go to customs when you land in the USA. Sometimes customs here in the USA will argue about that and wants to have something to do because they're bored sometimes, I never go see them on return if I already pre-cleared out there, regardless, its simply not the law, so screw'em. Never had a problem just going to our ramp, maybe 100 times now in the past few years. Best thing is to just not call customs in the USA, that way you won't give some jerk-off the chance to tell you to come see them upon arrival. Just pre-clear, fly, land and go to the hangar/fbo.
I can't remember where I read it, I am sure someone here knows, but if you pre-clear you still have to land at a US airport served by customs. They reserve the right to come out and meet you (most don't though). Pre-clearing only allows you to bypass the first point in the US.

Example: Pre-clear TIST then direct to KDAL instead of stopping at KMIA or KFXE to clear.

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