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Virgin America eyes Frontier Airlines' Airbus fleet

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Now that's funny! Lets say we win the auction and buy Frontier. Thus we get rid of the competition in one city only for it to reappear in another city. Only this time with big Daddy Branson's wallet. OUCH!
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Talk about a Fluff piece!

In my opinion this was nothing more than an opportunity for Virgin America to put their name in a press release in hopes of getting investors attention.
Why give them to a competitor ?

Southwest Air Committed To Volaris Partnership In 2010

CHICAGO (Dow Jones)--Southwest Airlines Co. (LUV) said Wednesday that it is still committed to code-sharing with Mexico's Volaris in the second half of next year, marking its first step toward offering international destinations. The timetable for the pact with Volaris has moved back from the early 2010 schedule originally envisioned, after Southwest had indicated earlier this year that plans to code-share with Canada's WestJet were on hold, citing unspecified priorities.
Volaris started daily flights from its hub outside Mexico City to Los Angeles last week - its first U.S. flight - and plans to add services to Oakland, Calif., at a later date.
Southwest announced plans last year to coordinate with both carriers after upgrading its computer systems, part of a much-anticipated expansion from its domestic base, where it carries more passengers than any other U.S. carrier.
Its only previous code share - with ATA Airlines Inc. - foundered when the carrier collapsed last year.
Southwest spokesman Brad Hawkins said the launch of the Volaris service to the U.S. didn't change Southwest's decision against operating its own international service.
The weak economy led the airline to put 2009 capacity growth on hold, and "nothing has changed," he said.
Southwest continues to look at ways to increase revenue this year, but that doesn't include international expansion of its own, Hawkins said.
While Southwest has slowed capacity growth, it is launching services from five new U.S. cities this year.
He denied a published report that the airline was ready to apply to U.S. regulators for antitrust immunity for international partnerships. "It's one of the options on the table, but we have no plans now to do so," Hawkins said.

They just happen to have A-319's and A-320's.

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