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Vintage Army Helo checklists

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I should let Huggy respond to this, but having lived at Beale and done my fair share of U-2 watching, I can answer yes, jet-powered taildraggers are landed three-point. I think they actually prefered slightly tailwheel first, but I'll let others speak to technique, I never flew one.

Neat airplane to watch in the pattern.
You're on the right track! However, it's really a "two-point landing", since it has a tandem configuration with a single maingear and a tailwheel. Now, I must confess to having had a few "3-point landings": the third point is the wingtip! Most of these occured on interview sorties, which are always exciting. Fortunately, I've been lucky and have not crushed a flap yet on a 3-pointer.
You are correct, sir: we prefer tailwheel first to ensure the aircraft is stalled out.

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