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Video Cams in the cockpit

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Jul 3, 2002
I firmly believe these are necessary. Closed circuit feeds that can be monitored at all times on the ground. This way, potential terrorist takeovers would be immediately known, and crew incapacitation would be revealed immediately. Why the backlash against cams in the cockpit? It's not like you're conspiring in there to take down the company and sell all your stock the day before they declare bankruptcy....
Off the top of my head it sounds plausible. However, it also lends itself to "spying" for the betterment of mankind. If CNN, etc. ever got hold of a shot of a pilot reading the newspaper or their eyes shut for 30 seconds (although it is extremely rare) while on auto pilot, there'd be outcries from the media and then the public.
I would be in favor of politicians and government officials being taped so as to provide safety and monitoring of them in case they're ever attacked :D .
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TV Cams

The bandwidth required to accomplish a task like this would be astronomical. At the present, there are not enough sats up there to accomidate the number of aircraft required to have the cams. Probably wont see it for quite some time. :eek:

1) May allow us to be blown out of the sky a few minutes sooner.

2) Flight Standards can see that we are all "SOP".


1) Technology is not feasible at this time.

2) Once developed, cost of operation would be enormous, adding another "crew member" to sit on the ground and watch the flight from start to finish.

3) Money spent on development and operation of this technology could be used to prevent a takeover in the first place, ie. doors, guns, cabin cameras, etc.

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